Vincent Fang

Fecha de Nacimiento: 26/01/1969
Edad: 49 Signo: Aquario
Ocupación: Lyricist

Vincent Fang was born on 26 January 1969 in Hualien, Taiwan. He is a Chinese multi-Golden Melody Award nominated lyricist, best known for his collaboration with singer-songwriter Jay Chou. Fang won Best Lyricist at the 19th Golden Melody Awards for "青花瓷" sung by Jay Chou from On the Run. In 1997, he sent samples of his lyrics to record companies, hoping to find a new career that complemented his passion for writing. Record company owner Jacky Wu was impressed with his work and hired Fang to work with Chou, who had just started his songwriting career. In 2000, Chou released his first album and since then produced albums in which Fang contributes the majority of the lyrics. Chou’s fame grew rapidly across Asia, pulling Fang into the limelight as well. Fang's lyrics are noted for covering a wide of issues from family to war, beyond what is normally discussed in love ballads. He is known for using a writing style similar to traditional Chinese poetry, making frequent references to Chinese history and folklore, esp. in Chinese style music, a fusion genre made popular in the 2000s by Jay Chou, fusing modern rock and contemporary R&B together with traditional Chinese music. He calls his style of lyrical poetry "Su Yan Rhyme Poetry 素顏韻腳詩", which has become a new poetry form in modern Chinese musical literature.