Vesa Luma

Fecha de Nacimiento: 12/05/1987
Edad: 31 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Singer

Vesa Nahil Luma is an Albanian Pop singer and songwriter from Kosovo,one of the most talented artists in Albania and is often referred as The Albanian Pop Queen. Vesa was discovered as an artist, in her early age. She has participated in festivals like "Xixëllonjat", "Akordet e Kosovës" and many festivals. After leaving the kids festivals, Vesa entered "Ethet", Albanian version of "Pop Idol". She was very successful in the contest, making it to the live final shows. After the "Ethet", Vesa's career was just in the beginning.Her first album "Te kam dashur shume" was one of the best selling albums in Kosovo and Albania. Since then, Vesa is one of the most famous Albanian singers from Kosovo. She was signed to "Digitalb" until 2012.In 2013 Vesa released a very successful album " Pop Cult" and signed with "042Zone" production. In Festivali i Këngës 43, Vesa compete with a song called Flakaresha with Rona Nishliu and Tetua Kurti in which they were qualified for the finale of the festival, but the winning song was Nesër Shkoj of Ledina Çelo. Vesa was a judge on the first series of The X Factor which began on 8 January 2012.