Fecha de Nacimiento: 24/07/1976
Edad: 42 Signo: Leo
Ocupación: Actor,Record producer,Rapper,Entrepreneur

Jacek Graniecki, known professionally as Tede and DJ Buhh is a Polish rapper. Also known as Tas De Fleia, TDF, Tedeusz, Tedzik, Tedunio, Tedzio, Chory Pastor. He began his career in the band 1 kHz. In 1996 Janmario and Tede created a band named Trzyha and in 1998 the group changed their name into Warszafski Deszcz. In 2000 Tede began his solo career and in 2001 he recorded his first album. In 2002 he founded his own record label - Wielkie Joł. He was classified as third on a music magazine Machina toplist of thirty best polish rappers in 2011.