Fecha de Nacimiento: 08/07/1969
Edad: 49 Signo: Cancer
Ocupación: Musician,Songwriter,Singer,Activist

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Yasuhiro Sugihara, born Yūne Sugihara, is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. Known exclusively by his stage name Sugizo, he is best known as lead guitarist and violinist of the rock band Luna Sea. He started his solo career in 1997 and has since collaborated with many artists. In 2007 he became a member of the trance/world music act Juno Reactor, and of the Japanese rock supergroup S.K.I.N., and in 2009 officially joined the heavy metal band X Japan. In addition to being known to experiment with many musical genres, mostly rock, psychedelic and electronica, he is known for his political ideas and views, being an anti-war, anti-nuclear and environmental activist.

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