Scott H. Biram

Fecha de Nacimiento: 04/04/1974
Edad: 44 Signo: Aries
Ocupación: Singer,Songwriter,Record producer,Guitarist

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Scott H. Biram, aka Scott Biram, SHB, Hiram Biram, or The Dirty Old One Man Band is an award winning American blues, punk, country, heavy metal musician, and record producer based in Austin, Texas. He is primarily known as one of the prominent musicians of the One Man Band musical genre. He has appeared on national television shows such as NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and performed in prestigious venues such as The Lincoln Center in New York City and The Fillmore West in San Francisco, California. His music has been featured in many American television shows and films. He has also appeared as himself in several films and documentaries.

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