Ryuichi Kawamura

Fecha de Nacimiento: 20/05/1970
Edad: 48 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Race car driver,Singer,Record producer,Composer,Author,Actor

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Ryuichi Kawamura is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actor and record producer. He is best known as lead singer of the rock band Luna Sea. After the group disbanded in 2000, Kawamura continued his successful solo career. In 2005 he formed Tourbillon with fellow Luna Sea member Inoran and Hiroaki Hayama. He has recently rejoined Luna Sea, as they reunited in August 2010. Kawamura's second album Love topped the Oricon chart with sales of around 1,021,000 copies, making him the only male solo artist ever to have an album sell over one million copies within its initial week in Oricon charts history. That same album sold over 2,788,000 copies, therefore it holds the record for best selling male solo album. In 1997 alone, with his mini and full-length albums and four singles, he sold over six million records.

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