Rui Veloso

Fecha de Nacimiento: 30/07/1957
Edad: 61 Signo: Leo
Ocupación: Singer

Rui Manuel Gaudêncio Veloso, commonly known as Rui Veloso, CavIH, is a Portuguese rock and blues singer and musician. Although he was born in Lisbon, his family moved to the northern city of Porto when he was just three months old. This composer and interpreter had a great impact on the Portuguese music scene with the record, Ar de Rock, which influences were Eric Clapton and B.B.King. This album is considered a landmark of Rock music in Portugal, and the one that started the boom of Rock music in Portugal in the 1980's. Songs such as Chico Fininho and A Rapariguinha do Shopping became instant classics when the album was released in 1980. His lyrics, normally written by Carlos Tê, are strongly influenced by the Porto culture. An unconditional lover of the blues, he has played with B.B. King several times. He became one of the most productive and renowned Portuguese musicians, as his discography clearly shows today.