Rovena Stefa

Fecha de Nacimiento: 27/04/1979
Edad: 39 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Singer

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Rovena Stefa is one of the pop singer-largest Albanian. The first album "Falling Snow" had much success in Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Belgium... where Rovena made a great tour of where the song "Puts me under a spell" was a big hit. It is recognized by all Albanian diaspora and her concerts are numerous wherever Albanians live. The album "Falling Snow" was the biggest sales for several years challenging the other singer. Ethnic Albanian newspaper also writes for Rovenen foreign as a new star Albanian with a wonderful voice and very special view of sex. Her upcoming album "Money" and "Wedding" will result a success for the singer continued by climbing the biggest names of Albanian music, in 2005 and 2006 Rovena began and we sang the popular genre, having great success with song "Do you come with me", "Wedding", "With karrocieri hats," I'm sweet "," Llokum "," Address without a name "," Slash Dot Dash ". Rovena is known for big hits and sex videos and theme of the texts very special and in some cases social and quite critical. Also the singer is of the few artists having completed a university degree in higher studies Juridikut ending results. Del Rovena in 2008 with her album of 5-to and out in the market and an album in collaboration with singer Sami Yusuf popular mainstream. Both albums had great success in changing the large sofa Rovenen Shqiptare. Next in 2009, it out in the market 2 new video: "Mall" and "Viva Eagle and Fatherland." Video "Mall" was a huge fuss in terms of greater eroticism that had footage, Rovena the spot with a very hot model and all the media writes about the success and great visibility on the Internet that had this video, over 1,000. 000 views within a few months. In summer 2009 with Rovena Stefa Manager Elisa opened its "Rovena Club, a discotheque on the coast of Durres summer in which every day has been a large public of all Albanian territories young and very different age from children to the elderly, Rovena its repertoire and sang songs with beautiful Albanian momentit.Klubi will continue to wait and Rovenes fans in the coming years, for every summer. At the age of 5-years-old she debuted for the first time in a national competition of the word art, which is evaluated with the first prize. High School foreign languages into account "French", the leader in Elbasan. When he was only 16 years old, she appears in an anniversary concert of the school "Luigj Gurakuqi. Here she sings for the first time in public. Activated in the theater Skampa "Elbasan in all its cultural manifestations.

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