Ron Kenoly

Fecha de Nacimiento: 06/12/1944
Edad: 74 Signo: Sagitario
Ocupación: Singer-songwriter,Songwriter,Singer,Actor

"God is the same yesterday, today and forever. But we're not. We change with time." Those are the words of a man who knows a great deal about change, transition and life in the Lord. From the time Dr. Ron Kenoly was born on December 6, 1944, until now, a great deal has transpired. Both the man and his ministry have evolved. At 65, he has gone from being a military man to a Rhythm and Blues artist, then from a Sunday morning congregational hymn leader to the most popular Praise and Worship leader in the country. "God created the world so we would go through seasons. Each season brings about a change." Dr. Kenoly's life is one that has gone through many seasons, all designed by God to bring him to a place of serving the Lord and leading millions of people into His presence. After graduating from High School in his birthplace, Coffeyville, Kansas, Kenoly ventured out to Hollywood, California. When plans to make it in the big city fell through, he joined the Air Force in 1965. It was in the military that he met and married Tavita, his wife of 42 years. It was also there that the humble beginnings of his music career were launched. Kenoly joined the Mellow Fellows, a top 40 cover band that toured military bases. In 1968, he left the Air Force and the Mellows Fellows behind and shipped out to the City of Angels to go after his passion- music. "As a child I remember seeing Sammy Davis Jr. and Nat King Cole for the first time. I was so impressed as I watched two Black men grace a national stage. I knew right then that was what I wanted." So for the next few years, Kenoly poured all of his energy into making his childhood dream a reality. He sang demos of Jimmy Web songs, like the 70's hit "Up, Up and Away," for the Audio Arts label. The label also released Kenoly's first single, "The Glory of Your Love (Mine Eyes Have Seen)." Success in the R arena came after he signed with A Records. Under that label, he cranked out hits like, "Soul Vaccination." All the success was taxing on Kenoly's family. His marriage suffered, he neglected his kids and soon the home was close to ruin. But then God stepped in. "My wife rededicated her life to the Lord in 1975 and began praying for our family's healing. I could see the changes in her life and that's when the lights came on for me." Again, Kenoly had to enter into another transitional season of his life. The family stayed in LA for another year as he fulfilled R contractual agreements. Then they moved out to Oakland, CA. While working in a service industry position, Kenoly allowed the Lord to work on him, teaching him how to be a husband and father. While teaching music and physical education at Alameda College from 1978 to 1982, Kenoly tried unsuccessfully to get a gospel record deal. "Then one night I sat alone in church for hours playing, singing, praying and worshipping the Lord. I found the heart of God through worship. From then on, the record companies ceased to matter. The Lord met me and showed me so much that I felt I had gone beyond what any company could offer me." So in 1983, Kenoly produced his custom-made album, "You Ought to Listen to This." He sold the album wherever he sang. Soon, offers to lead praise and worship came flooding in from churches in the area. In 1985, Pastor Dick Bernal who founded the Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, CA, invited Kenoly to be the church's Minister of Music. Shortly after, Don Moen of Integrity Music heard about Kenoly's music. In 1991, Integrity released Kenoly's first gospel album, "Jesus is Alive." "Lift Him Up," "God is Able," "Sing Out," "Welcome Home," "High Places," "Majesty" and "We Offer Praises" all followed Kenoly's first surprise hit. With all 8 albums, Kenoly sold more than 4 million copies. Two albums received gold record sale status and 3 live videos went gold. Kenoly received 19 GMA Dove Award nominations and won 1 Dove Award for "Welcome Home." "Every season of my life has had its own...

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