Reinaldo Zavarce

Fecha de Nacimiento: 08/06/1988
Edad: 30 Signo: Geminis
Ocupación: Actor

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Reinaldo Zavarce Peche is an award-winning Venezuelan actor and singer. He got his start acting in the Venezuelan RCTV telenovelas “Mujer con Pantalones,” “Te Tengo en Salsa,” “Amantes,” and “Toda una dama.” His film credits include the popular romantic comedy “Dia Naranja,” but he is perhaps best known for his starring role as Alex in the hit Nickelodeon Latin America /Sony Pictures Television teen drama series Isa TKM. and “Isa TK+”. The show, commonly referred to as the “Latin American High School Musical,” became a phenomenon among teens across the Americas, and became a #1 hit in its demographic in over 23 countries its first season. The Los Angeles Times deemed the fan frenzy surrounding the show and its cast members “Isa-mania,” and in 2008 Reinaldo was awarded “Actor of the Year” at Nickelodeon Brazil’s “Meus Premios Nick” Awards. That Zavarce’s real-life girlfriend was on- screen “Isa” love Maria Gabriela de Faría only added to the press and public frenzy around Reinaldo, and has kept them both on the covers of some of the biggest magazines across Latin America and Brazil.