Fecha de Nacimiento: 02/07/1988
Edad: 30 Signo: Cancer
Ocupación: Rapper

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Cristian Jiménez Bundo, known as El Porta or simply Porta, is a Spanish rapper It became popular in 2006 through its huge success in social networks, with their "maqueta" No es cuestión de edades and No hay truco, which were widely disseminated on the Internet, where he broke the record of downloads . Porta won greater popularity by releasing his first album En boca de tantos and so he has to know his world RAP COMANDO group. His third album Trastorno bipolar was released in but did not have the same sales success since their first LP because it did not have the same promotion. Both albums were released by Universal Music Label group. Over time things between Porta and Porta label did not agree and ended up resigning his contract on August 24, 2011 . His latest work, Reset, was released on May 7, 2012 under the label PIAS Spain. After leaving the Universal Music label, his new album scored a number of sales and was welcomed by the public in a positive way and gaining more followers. Until today No hay truco is the most downloaded LP in the history of Rap with 6 million downloads . Today Porta has about 11 million followers on all his accounts online.

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