Piet Botha

Fecha de Nacimiento: 18/07/1955
Edad: 63 Signo: Cancer
Ocupación: Musician

Piet Botha is a South African musician who is the frontman of the South African rock band Jack Hammer, which has been an opening act for bands such as ZZ Top and he also performs solo. He is the son of the former South African Minister of Foreign Affairs Pik Botha and the uncle of Roelof Botha, former CFO of PayPal. Botha went to the US in 1985 to work there but returned to South Africa the next year. In 2011 Botha appeared in the television series "Wie Lê Waar" on the Afrikaans TV channel kykNET. In the programme he visits the graves of famous Afrikaner icons and tells about their lives. The series led indirectly to the recording and release of "Spookpsalms", Botha's first solo album in 8 years.

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