Petr Elfimov

Fecha de Nacimiento: 15/02/1980
Edad: 38 Signo: Aquario
Ocupación: Singer,Composer

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Petr Elfimov is a singer from Belarus who represented his nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia. He won the national selection of Belarus with 11,475 votes on January 19, 2009 with the rock/pop song Eyes That Never Lie. The song competed in the first semi-final as the fourth act. Despite being heavily backed to win a place in the final on May 16, it failed to do so, finishing 13th of 18 acts with 25 points. He was the Grand Prix winner of the 2004 Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. From 1999 to 2007 Pyotr played the popular student game KVN. He appeared for two teams, who in different years became KVN's Major League Champions: BGU, Champions in 1999 and 2001; and RUDN, with whom he did not play in their Championship year, but won the Super Cup with them in 2007 in Sochi.