Noriko Matsueda

Fecha de Nacimiento: 18/12/1971
Edad: 47 Signo: Sagitario
Ocupación: Composer,Musician

Noriko Matsueda is a Japanese former video game composer. She is best known for her work on the Front Mission series, The Bouncer, and Final Fantasy X-2. Matsueda collaborated with fellow composer Takahito Eguchi on several games. Composing music at an early age, she began studying the piano and electronic organ when she was three years old. She graduated from the Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi, where she met Eguchi. She joined Square in 1994, where she created music for nine games. Her last credited work was Final Fantasy X-2's piano arrangement album, Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection from 2004, after which she decided to leave the company alongside Eguchi. She composed mostly jazz music for the scores she worked on.