Nino D'Angelo

Fecha de Nacimiento: 21/06/1957
Edad: 61 Signo: Cancer
Ocupación: Singer,Actor,Screenwriter,Film Score Composer,Film director,Singer-songwriter

Gaetano "Nino" d'Angelo is an Italian singer. He was born in San Pietro a Patierno, a suburb of Naples. Nino had a very difficult childhood, and to help his family's poor financial condition he left the school and started working at a very young age. Thanks to Alberto Lupo he was able to enter the good world but only after enormous sacrifices: his first album, "A Storia Mia" was published using personal and family funds. The album was a hit almost immediately, especially in Sicily where he quickly became one of the most acclaimed singers. He married at an early age: in 1979 he married Annamaria with whom he would have two sons: Antonio and Vincenzo. He also started acting in "sceneggiate", becoming a very popular representative of the genre. After a while he also started a cinematographic career, with his first movie "Celebrità". In 1982, he released the album "Un Jeans e Una Maglietta" and a film with the same title followed by a great success. The album sold over one million copies and the movie, although apparently simple and with generally low expectations, surpassed the Hollywood movie "Flashdance" at the box office. From this moment on the "D'Angelo Phenomenon" began: he participated in the Sanremo Music Festival in 1986 with the song "Vai". The critics totally ignored him but his album was the best seller at the time. He traveled the world to perform concerts: Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, United States.

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