Nikita Willy

Fecha de Nacimiento: 29/06/1994
Edad: 24 Signo: Cancer
Ocupación: Actor,Singer

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Nikita Willy is an Indonesian actress and pop singer. Willy started her career in the entertainment world in Indonesia since the age of 7 years by starring in a soap operas titled "Bulan dan Bintang". The artist with Minangkabau ancestry has since become more famous, with the Dime Novel role in a soap opera with Evan Sanders Willy training mixed martial arts and judoka. On her lavish 17th birthday party in 2011, she was given a new Cadillac with value of Rp.3.4 billion as a present from her parents. Keith Martin was also invited and sang several songs with her. She has chosen her career in showbiz over education, so she dropped out of school in 2011.