Nicole Saba

Fecha de Nacimiento: 26/06/1974
Edad: 44 Signo: Cancer
Ocupación: Singer,Actor,Model,Presenter

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Nicole Saba is a singer and actress from Lebanon. From 1998-2001, Nicole Saba was a member of the Lebanese pop group The 4 Cats, She replaced "Roula Bahnam" who officially shot with the band in their first video "Ashra HdashEtnash", Nicole released 2 albums with the 4Cats "Tic - Tick" and "Layl Nhar" and shot 4 video clips with them "Yanassini, Kan Ezaman, Layl Nhar and Maba2a Eida" and shot the band's commercial for LUX Shower Gel. Then embarked on a solo singing as well as an acting career. Her debut album was released in 2004, and her first film came out in 2003. She has subsequently had success with additional roles in Egyptian-made films. Nicole was given the award for the best singer in 2004 by Sayidaty magazine

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