Nhu Loan

Fecha de Nacimiento: 20/04/1981
Edad: 37 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Singer

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Như Loan is a Vietnamese singer who is currently signed under the music label Thúy Nga; one of the largest overseas Vietnamese music productions that is responsible for Paris By Night, a hit musical variety show. Như Loan was introduced to Thúy Nga Paris By Night through designer Calvin Hiep, whom she has modeled for in the past. She started her singing career as a back-up singer in Paris By Night and was later given the opportunity to sing on stage as a professional singer in Paris By Night 62. Như Loan sang her debut solo in Paris By Night 63 with the song “Men Say Tình Ái ”. Như Loan released her first solo CD in 2006 titled Tình Lặng Câm, as well as a duet CD titled Sunday Buồn with singer Bảo Hân, and a group CD titled Mong Anh Sẽ Đến with singers Bảo Hân, Loan Châu, and Tú Quyên. She has also been appearing in Thúy Nga's Paris by Night videos and DVDs since 2001. Như Loan has released her second solo CD in mid-2008,planning to release other products in the near future.