Fecha de Nacimiento: 05/01/1982
Edad: 36 Signo: Capricornio
Ocupación: Singer

Neisha, born on January 5, 1982 in Ljubljana, is a Slovenian pianist and pop singer. Being born into a music family, Neža's music talent were noticed during her childhood so she entered a music school and continued at Ljubljana's High School of Music and Ballet. As she was very successful at several contests in piano music and solfeggio, the school awarded her a prestigious Škerjanc award in 2003. In 2000, she became a student of the Music Academy in Ljubljana. Besides the classical music she collaborated with many commercial pop and rock artists as an arranger, backup vocalist or keyboard player etc. Her solo career started in 2005. Her first single, Planet za zadet, was very well received among radio audience and due to great interest her first album, simply named Neisha, was released two weeks earlier than initially planned. During its first week, only a turbo folk band Atomik Harmonik sold more albums but by the end of the year Neisha became Slovenian best sold album of 2005 although it was released in autumn. After 10 weeks of reigning the national record chart, many awards and several sold out concerts it was the best sold album of 2006 in Slovenia as well.