Micke Dubois

Fecha de Nacimiento: 25/02/1959
Edad: 59 Signo: Picis
Ocupación: Comedian,Actor

Mats Mikael "Micke" Dubois, also known as Svullo, was a Swedish actor and comedian. Micke Dubois was born in Stockholm. He began his career when he entered an air guitar competition, where he came third. He later started performing at various rock clubs under the artist name Captain Freak. In 1988 he got the idea for the character Svullo, a Swedish taunt name for obese people which is derived from his big body mass. He met Hans Crispin, and together they formed the duo Angne & Svullo for television. Svullo in particular was responsible for wrecking a number of cars - in the supposed name of comedy. During the later years he participated in TV4, for example as host for Robot Wars, and as a judge in the program Sveriges värsta, where he was anointed as the "worst Swedish husband". Dubois was found dead in his apartment's cellar on 2 December 2005. He had committed suicide by hanging. He was 46 years old.