Fecha de Nacimiento: 15/05/1985
Edad: 33 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Photographer,Engineer,Writer,Disc jockey,Record producer,Master of Ceremonies,Rapper

MeLo-X is a multimedia artist based in New York City. From the beginning of his professional career, MeLo’s work has included many unique projects, seamlessly blending the worlds of art, music, fashion and design. This multidisciplinary approach to his creative practice came out of necessity. At a young age MeLo would record his own music, compose photographs, design album covers and build websites. Not being able to afford the top of the line equipment and programs of the day, MeLo turned to dated music gear, vintage film cameras and obsolete computer programs to support his artistic approach. This allowed him to experiment with the way his art was viewed and received by a young, new media generation. He quickly gained a following of both ardent fans and fellow innovators. MeLo-X studied at The Institute of Audio Research and has worked closely with many new media and contemporary artists in New York City. MeLo's live performances are often a blend of modern art collaborations, impromptu live musical remixes, sound design and electronic production. This mixture of studied technique, experimental expression and a DIY mindset allows MeLo's work to stand out as that of a Renaissance man pushing boundaries.

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