Mavis Fan

Fecha de Nacimiento: 27/02/1977
Edad: 41 Signo: Picis
Ocupación: Singer,Actor

Mavis Fan is a Taiwanese pop singer who also plays the flute and piano. She's also known as 'Bo Bo' or 'Little Witch'. Mavis began her singing career in the mid 90s as a pop idol, singing songs catered mostly towards children and young teenagers. For example, the lyrics to 'Health Song' encouraged daily exercise and was accompanied by a music video in the style of a fitness video. However, she soon grew tired of her childish image and increasingly gravitated towards singing about moodier subject matters having to do with love and betrayal. She has expressed that she is no longer concerned with being a pop star and will only make music to her liking. Mavis was raised only by her mother, since her parents separated when she was just two years old. Her mom forged her unbreakable bond with music. She was sent to learn the flute and piano at the age of three, since her mom, an aspiring singer, had put all of her own musical dreams in Mavis. They led a tight life. Her mom had to sing at bars to afford Mavis' tuition for the best music school in Taiwan. Mavis did not let her mom down. She began to sing on stage at 14. Time has brought about many changes to both her life and her music, but her passion for expression has never changed. At 17 years old, she began to sing children's songs. In the late 1990s, she adopted a more mature image, singing in a variety of pop styles for a more general audience, which captured much popularity.

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