Karen Zoid

Fecha de Nacimiento: 10/08/1978
Edad: 40 Signo: Leo
Ocupación: Singer

Karen Zoid is a female South African rock singer and guitarist. She also writes her own songs, some of which have been included in Afrikaans poetry courses at the University of Pretoria. On 3 May 2008 she won the South African Music Awards SAMA for Best Female Solo Artist of 2008, one of the 5 most prestigious music awards in South Africa. Born on 10 August 1978 in Brussels, Belgium, to a South African diplomat, Karen Zoid grew up in Belgium and then Johannesburg, where she was a street artist in the streets of the northern suburb of Melville. She attended the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, and then studied drama at AFDA, a film school in Johannesburg. In 2001 she dropped out of university to focus on her music. In 2004, Karen married band member Don Reineke, and on 29 January 2007 the couple had a son, Ben Francis Reinecke. Zoid and Reinecke divorced in 2010. Her first album, "Poles Apart", released by EMI in June 2001, was an instant success, especially amongst the youth of South Africa. The press started referring to the "Zoid Generation", and her icon status was highlighted in 2004 by both Time Magazine and U.S. News & World Report.

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