Karel Kryl

Fecha de Nacimiento: 12/04/1944
Edad: 74 Signo: Aries
Ocupación: Singer,Musician,Singer-songwriter,Poet,Graphic Designer

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Karel Kryl was an iconic Moravian singer-songwriter and performer of many protest songs in which he strongly criticized and identified the shortcomings and inhumanity of the Communist and later also post-communist regimes in his home country. The lyrics of Karel Kryl's songs are highly poetic and sophisticated, with a frequent use of metaphors and historical allusions. The sparse sounds of an accompanying acoustic guitar served to underscore the natural flow of the lyrics themselves. In certain respects—especially the complexity of his lyrics and his accompaniment by a single acoustic guitar—Kryl was similar to a young Bob Dylan. However, unlike Dylan, the Czech singer had a smooth and pure voice, which gave a hauntingly sad quality to his mournful descriptions of conditions under a totalitarian regime. He was bitterly critical of the new regime established after the collapse of communism in his country, including Václav Havel, and those who were responsible for the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

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