Juan Carlos Baglietto

Fecha de Nacimiento: 14/06/1956
Edad: 62 Signo: Geminis
Ocupación: Singer-songwriter,Composer,Musician

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Juan Carlos Baglietto is an Argentine musician and composer. He is one of the iconic figures of the musical movement called Trova Rosarina. He was a member of various small bands until "Irreal" was formed, in 1980, comprising himself, Juan Chianelli, Jorge Llonch, "Piraña" Fegundez, Alberto Corradini and Daniel Wirtz. They attracted a big audience to their concerts, but were always pursued by the censors of the Proceso. Halfway through 1981 Baglietto launched himself as a solo musician. He made his début in Buenos Aires, but he didn't achieve a breakthrough until he became the surprise hit of the Festival de La Falda in 1982. By this time, he had armed himself with a supporting group consisting of Silvina Garré as a backing singer, Fito Páez as keyboardist, Rubén Goldín on guitar, Sergio Sainz on bass and José "Zappo" Aguilera on drums. With this band, he recorded Tiempos difíciles, the first Argentine rock album to achieve a gold disc. Many of its tracks, like Mirta, de regreso or Era en abril, were widely played on the radio stations of the capital and this fuelled the success of his concert in Obras, right after the Falklands War. This success affected a little the sales of Actuar para vivir, the following album.

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