Jeanne Sagan

Fecha de Nacimiento: 11/01/1979
Edad: 40 Signo: Capricornio
Ocupación: Musician,Bassist

Jeanne Sagan is a musician from Springfield, Massachusetts, best known as the bassist and backing vocalist for the heavy metal/metalcore band All That Remains. Before joining All That Remains, she was bassist in the band The Acacia Strain. In 2006, she was asked to join All That Remains after bassist Matt Deis left the band. She originally worked merchandise tables for Prosthetic Records. As of November 2012, Jeanne plays a black cherry Spector Legend 4 Classic 4-string bass with EMG 35DC active pickups, and Ampeg SVT bass amplifiers. She is a former Ibanez player, using both Soundgear 4-strings and an ARTB100 4-string, the latter of which can be seen in the music video for the song "Hold On" from the album For We Are Many. Jeanne currently uses Orange amplifiers and Omega speaker cabinets.

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