Fecha de Nacimiento: 01/06/1982
Edad: 36 Signo: Geminis

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Hartinder Dhami better known as H-Dhami is a British-Indian bhangra act. H-Dhami signed in 2007 to Rishi Rich Productions, a joint partnership between Rishi Rich and entertainment entrepreneur Waleed Jahangir. H-Dhami has also signed a deal with Sony BMG India for distribution in India. H-Dhami is the son of Palvinder Dhami, lead singer of the 1980s prominent bhangra group Heera Group UK. He was born in 1982 to a traditional Sikh Punjabi family H-Dhami released his debut album Sadke Java in 2008. It includes collaborations with Roach Killa, Chaaya and Mumzy Stranger. In 2010, H-Dhami was featured on the single "Gereh Kad Dee", the second single from PBN's album Crowd Pleaser. He collaborated with Mumzy Stranger for a Desi-version remix of Stranger's "One More Dance". He also collaborated with the only North-American bhangra band En Karma on the song "Tere Bina Nahi Nachna". In 2010 he did a desi mix of Raghav's "So Much" and a remix of Preeya Kalidas' "Shimmy".

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