DJ Umek

Fecha de Nacimiento: 16/05/1976
Edad: 42 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Record producer,Disc jockey,Composer

Uroš Umek born May 16, 1976 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, better known as DJ Umek or simply Umek, is a Slovenian dance-music composer and DJ. Umek began DJing in 1993 at the age of 17 years. He was among the pioneers of the electronic music in Slovenia. Umek became famous by techno-supporters in Europe about 2001, for his fast mixing skills and his uplifting dj-sets. In the later years he changed his style a little bit. He has released a large number of EPs and anthems and has a reputation as an innovator. In 2006 he released a single "Posing as me" which was a big hit in Slovenia and in 2007 another video supported project with a Croatian singer and lyrics writer Anđa Marić Carbon Occasions. He is known to play the music from 4 turntables simoultaneously. On his birthday May 16 he organises a musical event called Dan elektronike (Electronica day). He is the owner of 2 record labels called Consumer recreation and Recycled loops. He was ranked at position 29 of the TOP 100 DJs for the year 2007 by the DJ Magazine. Some people regard Umek as one of the Top 10 Techno DJs in the world. He performed an Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 in November 2007.

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