Fecha de Nacimiento: 19/04/1977
Edad: 41 Signo: Aries

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Danijay is an Italian Italodance DJ and artist. Genoa, Italy, Danijay began deejaying in 1994 and producing in 2003. His first single, Il Gioco dell'Amore was released in 2003 and became a European dance radio hit and one of the best-selling dance singles of the year. His second single, "I Fiori di Lillà" featured Italian singer-songwriter Alberto Fortis and was played on the Italian quiz show Passa Parola. In 2004, his third single, "Luna Nera", was released, and in 2005 was followed up by "Say Me" and "Condition", both of which made the Top 10 Sales Chart for Italian megastores. In 2005, his track "L'Impazienza", representing Italy in the Eurodanceweb Award, placed second, and was downloaded over 700,000 times in one month, in addition to holding the top spot on the Italian dance radio network M2O. Danijay released his first album, Dance and Breakfast on the Universal label. Past releases were on the New Music International and Reactor labels. In December 2006 produced the single "Time 4 Xmas" dedicated to Christmas. He has worked with Luca Zeta for the compilation Dance Passion Volume 1, Dance Passion Volume 2 and Dance Passion Volume 3. Together with Dj Provenzano has collaborated in the creation of "Catch Me" and "Ride The Way". In June 2008 comes the revolutionary second album, whose work has involved the staff for many months: Plug & Play contains the work of the last two years: 31 songs published with an innovative concept. For the first time ever an audio-video player is intended as support, instead of the CD, allowing a variety of content up to that moment than ever.