Fecha de Nacimiento: 30/05/1983
Edad: 35 Signo: Geminis
Ocupación: Record producer,Disc jockey,Musician

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Koen Bauweraerts, more commonly known as Coone, is a Belgian jumpstyle and hardstyle producer, and DJ. He has been producing since the year 2002, when he started with hard house productions. Now, he is the owner of the label Dirty Workz, which releases jumpstyle and hardstyle music. He Also has a project with DJ Fenix called "Ambassador Inc". In addition he has been in the DJ MAG top 100 DJ's. His first entry was in 2011 at the 41 place. Coone has recently signed with Dim Mak Records for upcoming music, however, he is not leaving Dirty Workz. Coone currently said scotland was one of his best venues.

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