Clint Lowery

Fecha de Nacimiento: 15/12/1971
Edad: 46 Signo: Sagitario
Ocupación: Musician,Songwriter,Guitarist,Record producer

Clint Lowery is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the heavy metal band Sevendust. He has also played in Dark New Day and Still Rain and served as the touring guitarist for Korn through most of 2007. Due to a family emergency, Lowery was forced to leave Korn one month earlier than anticipated, and was replaced by Shane Gibson. He entered the studio in September 2007 to start recording a new album with Dark New Day. On March 26, 2008, it was announced that Clint had rejoined Sevendust, putting the future of Dark New Day and the release of its new album in question. In September 2008 he wrote and recorded a 6 song EP while off the road with Sevendust for a week. He played every instrument on the cd, which was produced by his brother Corey Lowery. The name of the project was titled Hello Demons Meet Skeletons. The EP, Chills was released in October. He has streamed some video footage of their first performance. He would also later released 2 more EP's with HDMS. Also his fourth EP Choices was released on October 22, 2013. In February 2009, Lowery stated that it was unlikely that the second Dark New Day album would ever be given an official release. The album had been expected to be released in some form in 2008, however it has yet to be released. However, Lowery later said the album may eventually be released to iTunes. In September 2011, two albums Hail Mary and B-Sides were made available on iTunes only to be taken down a short time later. Eventually, the band rerecorded some of the material and released "New Tradition" in 2012.