Chang Chen-yue

Fecha de Nacimiento: 02/05/1974
Edad: 44 Signo: Tauiro
Ocupación: Singer,Disc jockey,Songwriter,Actor

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Chang Chen-yue, also known as A-Yue,and by his Amis name Ayal Komod is a Taiwanese rock musician. He is most known for his 1998 hit song "Ai Wo Bie Zou". He is a songwriter, singer and guitarist, and also a dance music DJ under the name DJ Orange. Chang is also the frontman of his band, Free Night, also known as Free9. On his LP Useless Guy, Chang crossed into Hip hop music in a collaboration with rapper MC HotDog in the song "Wo Yao Qian". They repeated the collaboration on Chang's subsequent EP, Goodbye. From 2008 to 2010 he was a member of Superband. Chang is also an actor who has appeared in a number of films. His 1998 film Connection by Fate, directed by Wan Jen, was shown at the Venice Film Festival. Chang is a Taiwanese aborigine of the Amis people.

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