Blutonium Boy

Fecha de Nacimiento: 26/04/1970
Edad: 48 Signo: Tauiro

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Blutonium Boy is a producer, DJ and business man from Germany. He started playing as a DJ in 1988. Adamiak released "Dreams In My Fantasy" in Germany as DJ Session One. This track was promoted and distributed by East West - Warner with a video on VIVA TV and radio air play. The singles "Be In My Dream", "Ocean Of Emotion", "No Gravity", "Journey Through The Time", "Dreams In My Fantasy 2003", "In The Way", "Forever" were released beyond Europe, and were played in Australia and America. Each of Adamiak's last 23 Hardstyle Compilations reached the top 20 of the German Media Control Charts. A Hardstyle DJ, Blutonium Boy remixed artists like "Modo - 1 2 Polizei", "Music Instructor", "Yoji Biomehanika", "The Klubbingman" and many more.