Billy Falcon

Fecha de Nacimiento: 13/07/1954
Edad: 64 Signo: Cancer

Billy Falcon is an American musician, composer and music producer from Rosedale, New York. He released rock albums throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, as well as appearing on The Way International's "High Country Caravan". He is currently active in the Nashville, Tennessee area with the band The Sowing Circle. Falcon grew up in Rosedale, Queens. He signed his first record contract with a major label at age 18. Falcon, a prolific writer, considers himself a "reporter" of his life experiences in lyrics and melodies. Pretty Blue World, released in 1991, produced Falcon's highest-charting single, "Power Windows", which broke into the Top 40. The same album contains "Heaven’s Highest Hill", which articulates the pain of having to tell his three-year old daughter that her mother had died, echoing the true-life event of the loss of his wife Myla to breast cancer. He signed a deal with Mercury Records after Jon Bon Jovi contacted him about working together in the early 1990s. Falcon co-wrote over a dozen songs on six Bon Jovi albums, including "Just Older", "Last Man Standing", "Everybody's Broken", "When We Were Beautiful" and on The Circle, "Superman Tonight". "Give In To Me", co-written with Falcon’s daughter Rose and Elisha Hoffman, is featured in the Sony Pictures film Country Strong and performed by Faith Hill on the film’s soundtrack. Other songs he has written have been covered by Stevie Nicks, Cher, Manfred Mann, Sherrie Austin, Meatloaf and Trace Adkins. Over his career, Falcon has released a dozen albums.

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