Billie Faiers

Fecha de Nacimiento: 01/01/1990
Edad: 29 Signo: Capricornio
Ocupación: Model (Adult/Glamour)

Regarding their boutique, Billie said, “We’re really hands on. We’ll drive up the day before and take all the stock to set the shop up. We work really hard. We do all the buying for the shop so we know what we’re taking with us and what will sell.” Even though she has been given offers for a franchise in Dubai, she said, “We’re still learning ourselves and take each step as it comes.” In 2012, Billie Faiers revealed in an interview that she lives in agony from her breasts, and once considered breast reduction surgery, but changed her mind when her doctor said she could be left with scars and stretch marks. “My back constantly aches and my shoulders tense up with the weight of them. It builds up during the day and by night-time, it’s really painful.” In 2012, after seeing pictures of herself in a magazine after her vacation, she went on a weight-loss regimen, in which she hired a trainer. “I feel so much more confident in a bikini for this shoot than I did when I was on holiday in Vegas.” Billie Faiers added, “I love Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook so to be put in that category of curvy women is really positive and a nice compliment.” Although, before she lost the weight, Billie said, “If I spent my life worrying about it, I’d be a wreck…when you’re bending over at the pool and slapping your sun cream on, the paps are going to get the bad angles and the booze belly…I don’t care what people think.” In 2012, Billie launched a fitness DVD with her sister, Sam, and Ludia Bright called “The Essexercise Workout.” Billie also believes that Liverpool deserves its own reality-based show. “If they got the right people involved, it could be amazing.” Billie said her girl crush as Taylor Swift. “She’s looking pretty amazing recently. Her image, her hair…she’s really upped her game in just about every department.” Billie Faiers is single, but has a boyfriend. She lives in England.

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