Audrey Kitching

Fecha de Nacimiento: 26/07/1985
Edad: 33 Signo: Leo
Ocupación: Model

Audrey Lynn Kitching is an American fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer. She was discovered at the age of 14. "Known for her pink hair and Lisa Frank vibe", Kitching has been declared simultaneously a "fashion forward female" and "fashion disaster" by Cosmopolitan, an "It Kid" and "princess of pop culture website Buzznet" by Nylon, "weekend role model" by Glamour, a fashion icon by Taiwanese magazine Part Time and Peta2, "all around business woman" by We the Urban, "this generation's new mogul prototype" by Karmaloop, and a social media queen by Greek magazine Soul. She has created two clothing lines: Audrey Kitching Los Angeles and Coco de Coeur. As of January 3, 2014, she has over 450,000 followers on all of her social networks combined.

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