Ashley Smith

Fecha de Nacimiento: 29/01/1988
Edad: 30 Signo: Aquario
Ocupación: Model

The Ashley Smith inquest was an Ontario coroner's inquest into the death of young offender Ashley Smith, a teenager who died by self-inflicted strangulation on October 19, 2007, while she was in custody and under suicide watch at the Grand Valley Institution for Women. Despite guards watching her on video monitors, Smith was able to strangle herself with a strip of cloth, and it was 45 minutes before guards or supervisors entered her cell and confirmed her death. The warden and deputy warden were fired after the incident; although the four guards and supervisors in immediate contact with Smith were initially charged with negligent homicide, those charges were dropped a year later. Smith's family brought a lawsuit against the Correctional Service of Canada for negligence; this lawsuit was settled out of court in May 2011. The CBC documentary news program The Fifth Estate produced two separate episodes on the life and death of Ashley Smith. The documentaries describe the circumstances leading up to her death, as well as some disagreement inside the Correctional Service of Canada. The Fifth Estate claims "Corrections Canada filed an unprecedented publication ban on all exhibits presented at the coroner's inquest into her death."