Anuhea Jenkins

Fecha de Nacimiento: 10/12/1985
Edad: 32 Signo: Sagitario
Ocupación: Singer,Songwriter

Rylee Anuheakeʻalaokalokelani Jenkins, better known as Anuhea, is a Hawaiian contemporary folk rock singer and songwriter. Born and raised on the island of Maui, she is of Caucasian, Hawaiian and Chinese descent. Her debut album Anuhea was released on April 21, 2009. Her second album, For Love, was released on February 14, 2012. Right Love, Wrong Time, a single from her album, was picked as iTunes single of the week. As of May 31, 2009 her album is listed as one of the top 100 albums in the iTunes Store. In May 2010 Anuhea recorded and released on iTunes a cover of Estelle's "Come Over Love" which hit number one on all Hawaii and Pacific Island radio stations. Anuhea performed with SOJA, Cas Haley, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Taj Mahal and Jake Shimabukuro at the 2010 Kokua Festival in Honolulu, HI. On June 14, 2009, Anuhea's guitars and laptop were stolen from her vehicle while surfing in Waikiki. Both guitars and laptop were later recovered at a pawn shop due to an anonymous tip. Anuhea is currently featured in the iTunes 9 video guide that shows users how to use the new features in iTunes 9. Anuhea has two brothers and one sister, all of whom are younger than her.