Angham Mohammad Ali Suleiman

Fecha de Nacimiento: 19/01/1972
Edad: 47 Signo: Capricornio
Ocupación: Singer,Musician,Actor,Songwriter,Record producer

Angham Mohamed Ali Suleiman is an Egyptian singer, record producer and actress. Her debut was in 1987 under the guidance of her father, Mohammad Suleiman. She is the most successful vocal female artist in Egypt starting from the 1980s till nowadays. Following her divorce from Magdy Aref in 2000, Angham took much more control over her image and musical style after that Leih Sebtaha record established her into a strong position amid the constant emerge of new voices in the Middle East music scene. After a highly publicized feud between Alam El Phan Music Records' president Mohsen Gaber and the artist, Angham moved to another record company, Rotana. In 2005, she released "Bahibbik Wahashteeny" record. The record was critically acclaimed, but commercially was not as expected. After a three years, Angham return to the forefront of Arabic pop music in 2007 with her album Kolma N'arrab which sold more than half a million CDs across the Middle East in less than three months and was awarded a platinum certification. Angham was named the best selling female pop artist in Middle East for the year 2003. She is well known for her vocal range, simplicity, melismatic style, and use of the whistle register. However, some critics have said Angham's efforts to showcase her vocal talents have been at the expense of communicating true emotion through song rather than showing her full vocal capacities.