Alec John Such

Fecha de Nacimiento: 14/11/1951
Edad: 67 Signo: Scorpion
Ocupación: Musician

Alexander "Alec" John Such is a retired American musician, who is of Hungarian descent. He is the former bassist for the rock band Bon Jovi. He was dismissed from the band in 1994 shortly after the release of Cross Road. The remaining band members agreed that they would not officially replace Such, and he has since been replaced unofficially by Hugh McDonald, who had already played bass on "Runaway" on Bon Jovi's debut. Due to his unofficial status, McDonald does not appear on album artwork or publicity shots, with the exception of the 1999 single Real Life After being fired from Bon Jovi, Such has managed a couple of local New Jersey bands, and also owns a motorcycle shop in New York City. Alec managed the Chicago-based rock band 7th Heaven in 1998 along with Eduardo EGS and James Young of the band Styx.

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